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SystemTypeTag< S > Struct Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<template< typename > class S>
struct drake::systems::SystemTypeTag< S >

A tag object that denotes a System subclass S in function signatures.

For example, SystemTypeTag<MySystem>{} will create a dummy object that can be used to call functions that look like:

template <template <typename> class S>
const char* get_foo(SystemTypeTag<S>) { return S<double>::get_foo(); }
int main() {
std::cout << get_foo(SystemTypeTag<MySystem>{});

In this case, we could directly call get_foo<MySystem>() by specifying the template argument, but that is not always possible. In particular, tag objects are acutely useful when calling templated constructors, because there is no other mechanism for the caller to specify the template type.

#include <drake/systems/framework/system_type_tag.h>

Public Member Functions

 SystemTypeTag ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SystemTypeTag()

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