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GeometryFrame Class Reference

Detailed Description

This simple class carries the definition of a frame used in the SceneGraph.

To register moving frames with SceneGraph (see SceneGraph::RegisterFrame()), a geometry source (see SceneGraph::RegisterSource()) instantiates a frame and passes ownership over to SceneGraph.

A frame is defined by two pieces of information:

  • the name, which must be unique within a single geometry source and
  • the "frame group", an integer identifier that can be used to group frames together within a geometry source.

#include <drake/geometry/geometry_frame.h>

Public Member Functions

 GeometryFrame (const std::string &frame_name, int frame_group_id=0)
 Constructor. More...
FrameId id () const
 Returns the globally unique id for this geometry specification. More...
const std::string & name () const
int frame_group () const
Implements CopyConstructible, CopyAssignable, MoveConstructible, MoveAssignable
 GeometryFrame (const GeometryFrame &)=default
GeometryFrameoperator= (const GeometryFrame &)=default
 GeometryFrame (GeometryFrame &&)=default
GeometryFrameoperator= (GeometryFrame &&)=default

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GeometryFrame() [1/3]

GeometryFrame ( const GeometryFrame )

◆ GeometryFrame() [2/3]

GeometryFrame ( GeometryFrame &&  )

◆ GeometryFrame() [3/3]

GeometryFrame ( const std::string &  frame_name,
int  frame_group_id = 0 


frame_nameThe name of the frame.
frame_group_idThe optional frame group identifier. If unspecified, defaults to the common, 0 group. Must be non-negative.

Member Function Documentation

◆ frame_group()

int frame_group ( ) const

◆ id()

FrameId id ( ) const

Returns the globally unique id for this geometry specification.

Every instantiation of FrameInstance will contain a unique id value. The id value is preserved across copies. After successfully registering this FrameInstance, this id will serve as the identifier for the registered representation as well.

◆ name()

const std::string& name ( ) const

◆ operator=() [1/2]

GeometryFrame& operator= ( const GeometryFrame )

◆ operator=() [2/2]

GeometryFrame& operator= ( GeometryFrame &&  )

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