ContactWrench Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Stores the contact wrench (spatial force) from Body A to Body B applied at point Cb.

#include <drake/multibody/optimization/contact_wrench.h>

Public Member Functions

 ContactWrench (BodyIndex bodyA_index_in, BodyIndex bodyB_index_in, Eigen::Vector3d p_WCb_W_in, SpatialForce< double > F_Cb_W_in)

Public Attributes

BodyIndex bodyA_index
BodyIndex bodyB_index
Eigen::Vector3d p_WCb_W
SpatialForce< doubleF_Cb_W

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ContactWrench()

ContactWrench ( BodyIndex  bodyA_index_in,
BodyIndex  bodyB_index_in,
Eigen::Vector3d  p_WCb_W_in,
SpatialForce< double F_Cb_W_in 
bodyA_index_inThe index of Body A.
bodyB_index_inThe index of Body B.
p_WCb_W_inThe position of the point Cb (where the wrench is applied) expressed in the world frame W.
F_Cb_W_inThe wrench (spatial force) applied at point Cb from Body A to Body B, measured in the world frame.

Member Data Documentation

◆ bodyA_index

BodyIndex bodyA_index

◆ bodyB_index

BodyIndex bodyB_index

◆ F_Cb_W

◆ p_WCb_W

Eigen::Vector3d p_WCb_W

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