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text_logging.h File Reference

Detailed Description

This is the entry point for all text logging within Drake.

Once you've included this file, the suggested ways you should write log messages include:

  drake::log()->trace("Some trace message: {} {}", something, some_other);

Similarly, it provides:


If you want to log objects that are expensive to serialize, these macros will not be compiled if debugging is turned off (-DNDEBUG is set):

  DRAKE_LOGGER_TRACE("message: {}", something_conditionally_compiled);
  DRAKE_LOGGER_DEBUG("message: {}", something_conditionally_compiled);

The format string syntax is fmtlib; see https://fmt.dev/latest/syntax.html. (Note that the documentation link provides syntax for the latest version of fmtlib; the version of fmtlib used by Drake might be older.)

When formatting an Eigen matrix into a string you must wrap the Eigen object with fmt_eigen(); see its documentation for details. This holds true whether it be for logging, error messages, etc.

When logging a third-party type whose only affordance for string output is operator<<, use fmt_streamed(); see its documentation for details. This is very rare (only a couple uses in Drake so far).

When implementing a string output for a Drake type, eventually this page will demonstrate how to use fmt::formatter<T>. In the meantime, you can implement operator<< and use drake::ostream_formatter, or else use the macro helper DRAKE_FORMATTER_AS(). Grep around in Drake's existing code to find examples.

#include <string>
#include "drake/common/fmt.h"
#include "drake/common/drake_copyable.h"
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using logger = spdlog::logger
 The drake::logging::logger class provides text logging methods. More...


logging::logger * log ()
 Retrieve an instance of a logger to use for logging; for example: More...
sink * get_dist_sink ()
 (Advanced) Retrieves the default sink for all Drake logs. More...
std::string set_log_level (const std::string &level)
 Sets the log threshold used by Drake's C++ code. More...
void set_log_pattern (const std::string &pattern)
 Invokes drake::log()->set_pattern(pattern). More...


constexpr bool kHaveSpdlog = true
 True only if spdlog is enabled in this build. More...
const char *const kSetLogLevelUnchanged
 The "unchanged" string to pass to set_log_level() so as to achieve a no-op. More...
const char *const kSetLogLevelHelpMessage
 An end-user help string suitable to describe the effects of set_log_level(). More...
const char *const kSetLogPatternHelpMessage
 An end-user help string suitable to describe the effects of set_log_pattern(). More...