yaml_io.h File Reference

YAML IO for SimpleRulebook. More...

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void LoadYaml (std::istream *istream, SimpleRulebook *rulebook)
 Loads rules parsed from istream into rulebook. More...

Detailed Description

YAML IO for SimpleRulebook.

The YAML format is a simple literal representation of one record for each rule, like so:

maliput_simple_rulebook_v1: # rulebook content tag
speed_limit: # SpeedLimitRule group
ID1: # ID, as a string
zone: [LANE_ID, S0, S1] # LaneSRange
severity: Strict # a Severity enumerator, without the leading 'k'
limit: [MIN, MAX]
zone: [LANE_ID, S0, S1]
severity: Advisory
limit: MAX # A lone MAX limit implies MIN = 0.
right_of_way: # RightOfWayRule group
ID1: # ID, as a string
zone: # sequence of LaneSRange items
- [LANE_ID, S0, S1]
- [LANE_ID, S0, S1]
- [LANE_ID, S0, S1]
zone_type: StopExcluded # ...ZoneType enum, without the leading 'k'
type: StopThenGo # ...Type enum, without the leading 'k'

Only YAML content within the node tagged with "maliput_simple_rulebook_v1" is parsed. All rules are grouped by rule type. Within each group, each rule entry is labeled with the rule's ID. The contents of a rule entry depend on the rule type, but are generally in 1-to-1 correspondence with the arguments to the constructor for that rule type.