Drake v0.21.0

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This is relatively minor update to the prior release, v0.20.0.

On macOS, Homebrew now symlinks Drake’s compatible version of Python 3 (3.8) into /usr/local/bin/, so it is on the $PATH by default. There is no longer any need to add /usr/local/opt/python@3.8/bin to your $PATH.

Breaking changes since v0.20.0

The new feature in v0.20.0 for JavaScript system diagram visualization (#13644) with function name drake::systems::GenerateHtml in C++ and pydrake.systems.framework.GenerateHtml in Python fetched the GoJS graph library in your browser with only an evaluation license. We have removed this feature while we sort out the licensing question (#13705, #13720).

Changes since v0.20.0:

Dynamical Systems


  • Remove thread-unsafe private data from InverseDynamics system (#13706)
  • Improve error checking of DiscreteValues (#13681)

Mathematical Program


  • Speed up QuadraticCost evaluation for AutoDiff (#13674)

Multibody Dynamics


  • Check for positive penetration_allowance (#13694)
  • Improve CalcJacobianAngularAndOrTranslationalVelocityInWorld efficiency (#13682)

Tutorials and examples

New features

  • manipulation_station: Add dualshock4 teleoperation (#13570)

pydrake bindings

New features


  • Improve documentation of module path naming for C++ vs Python (#13555)
  • Relax RTLD_GLOBAL warning for torch>=1.5.0 (#13708)

Newly bound

  • pydrake.geometry.SceneGraph.RemoveRole (#13731)
  • pydrake.solvers.mathematicalprogram.MathematicalProgram.AddLinearEqualityConstraint overload (#13703)

Build system and dependencies

No changes.

Newly-deprecated APIs

  • drake::pydrake::py_reference (#13716)
  • drake::pydrake::py_reference_internal (#13716)

Removal of deprecated items

No changes.


This release provides pre-compiled binaries named drake-20200723-{bionic|focal|mac}.tar.gz. See Stable Releases for instructions on how to use them.

Drake binary releases incorporate a pre-compiled version of SNOPT as part of the Mathematical Program toolbox. Thanks to Philip E. Gill and Elizabeth Wong for their kind support.