Binary installation (macOS, Ubuntu)

Nightly releases

There are experimental binary packages of Drake available at:

Example usages of these binaries are shown in this example CMake project. For the compilers used to produce these releases, see Binary Packages. If you are unsure of which approach to use, we suggest you build from source instead.

For using Python bindings, see Binary Installation for Python.

Using older (2015) releases

We cannot offer support for older releases, but we still host the binaries for reference.

Download the appropriate binary release for your platform Simply extract the archive file into a folder of your choice (mine is called drake-distro).

Running MATLAB examples

To run the MATLAB examples, change directories (in MATLAB) into the drake-distro/drake folder and at the MATLAB prompt do:


Then cd into the examples directories and try some things out. Here are a few fun ones to get you started:

  • runLQR in the examples/CartPole directory
  • runLQR in the examples/Quadrotor2D directory
  • in the examples/RimlessWheel directory
  • in the examples/PlanarMonopodHopper directory

Please note that you will have to run addpath_drake each time you start MATLAB, or add it to your startup.m.

Linux Specific

The version of the standard C++ libraries that are shipped with the Linux distribution of MATLAB is severely outdated and can cause problems when running mex files that are built against a newer version of the standard. The typical error message in this case reports Invalid MEX-Files

To work around this issue, the symbolic link for the standard C++ library provided by MATLAB must be redirected to point to a more up-to-date version.

First, make sure that a suitable version of the standard library is installed:

sudo apt install g++-4.4

Now, the symbolic link in MATLAB must be updated to point to the version that was just installed in /usr/lib. An example for MATLAB R2014a is shown below:

cd /usr/local/MATLAB/R2014a/sys/os/glnxa64
sudo rm
sudo ln -s /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.4/