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struct  RandomSimulationResult
 A snapshot of the generator used to produce the random simulation. More...
struct  RegionOfAttractionOptions
 Consolidates the many possible options to be passed to the region of attraction algorithm. More...


typedef std::function< std::unique_ptr< Simulator< double > > RandomGenerator *generator)> SimulatorFactory
typedef std::function< double(const System< double > &system, const Context< double > &context)> ScalarSystemFunction


Eigen::VectorXd SampleBasedLyapunovAnalysis (const System< double > &system, const Context< double > &context, const std::function< VectorX< AutoDiffXd >(const VectorX< AutoDiffXd > &state)> &basis_functions, const Eigen::Ref< const Eigen::MatrixXd > &state_samples, const Eigen::Ref< const Eigen::VectorXd > &V_zero_state)
 Sets up a linear program to search for the coefficients of a Lyapunov function that satisfies the Lyapunov conditions at a set of sample points. More...
double RandomSimulation (const SimulatorFactory &make_simulator, const ScalarSystemFunction &output, double final_time, RandomGenerator *generator)
 Run a deterministic simulation of a (stochastic) System using the generator to instantiate all "random" quantities. More...
std::vector< RandomSimulationResultMonteCarloSimulation (const SimulatorFactory &make_simulator, const ScalarSystemFunction &output, double final_time, int num_samples, RandomGenerator *generator=nullptr, Parallelism parallelism=false)
 Generates samples of a scalar random variable output by running many random simulations drawn from independent samples of the distributions governing the stochastic simulation. More...
symbolic::Expression RegionOfAttraction (const System< double > &system, const Context< double > &context, const RegionOfAttractionOptions &options=RegionOfAttractionOptions())
 Estimates the region of attraction of the time-invariant system at the fixed point defined by context. More...

Typedef Documentation

◆ ScalarSystemFunction

typedef std::function<double(const System<double>& system, const Context<double>& context)> ScalarSystemFunction

◆ SimulatorFactory

typedef std::function<std::unique_ptr<Simulator<double> > RandomGenerator* generator)> SimulatorFactory