drake::systems::scalar_conversion Namespace Reference


struct  FromDoubleTraits
 A concrete traits class providing sugar to support for converting only from the double scalar type. More...
struct  NonSymbolicTraits
 A concrete traits class providing sugar to disable support for symbolic evaluation (i.e., the symbolic::Expression scalar type). More...
struct  Traits
 A templated traits class for whether an S<T> can be converted into an S<U>; the default value is true for all values of S, T, and U. More...
struct  Traits< automotive::IdmController >
struct  Traits< automotive::PurePursuitController >
struct  Traits< automotive::TrajectoryCar >
struct  Traits< drake::multibody::MultibodyPlant >
struct  Traits< drake::multibody::MultibodyTreeSystem >
struct  Traits< examples::quadrotor::QuadrotorPlant >
struct  Traits< examples::rimless_wheel::RimlessWheel >
struct  Traits< geometry::SceneGraph >
struct  Traits< PiecewisePolynomialAffineSystem >
struct  Traits< PiecewisePolynomialLinearSystem >
struct  Traits< RigidBodyPlant >