Using Drake from Julia

Julia is a relatively new, high-level language designed for fast scientific computing. There are two ways to access Drake’s functions from Julia: PyCall.jl and Cxx.jl.

With PyCall.jl

The PyCall.jl package makes it easy to call Python code from Julia, including translation of basic data types like numbers, strings, and arrays to their Python equivalents. Using PyCall.jl, you can run all of the Drake functions which are exposed in the Drake Python bindings. For a demonstration of this method, see this example notebook.

With Cxx.jl

The Cxx.jl package allows Julia to call C++ code directly, and even allows Julia to compile new C++ functions on the fly. Since this method allows direct access to the Drake C++ interface, all of Drake’s features are available. However, setting up Cxx.jl may be more complicated than most Julia packages, and careless programming can easily lead to segmentation faults or other undefined behavior, as with any C++ code. For an example of usage, see this wiki entry by Twan Koolen.