Platform Reviewer Checklists

There are several policies documented in GitHub Issue Management that the on-call platform reviewer should enforce. The on-call reviewer should run through this checklist at least once per day.

Search for issues without an assigned component and assign a component. When in doubt, seek advice on slack.

Search for issues without an assigned individual and assign an owner. When in doubt, assign the lead associated with the issue’s component label.

Search for pull requests with no assignee and assign a Drake Developer. This is intended to make sure that requests from outside developers receive timely attention. For a pull request by a core Drake Developer, leaving it unassigned may be acceptable when it is clearly an early work-in-progress – but if it is unassigned for several days, you should probably encourage the developer to label it “do not review” for clarity.

Here’s some sample text to post when a pull request does not have anyone assigned yet:

  • For PRs opened by a core Drake Developer:

    Good day, @AUTHOR. This PR does not yet have a reviewer assigned. Is it ready for review yet? If yes, then please assign a feature reviewer. If not, then please label it “status: do not review”.

  • For PRs opened by a new or infrequent contributor:

    Good day, @AUTHOR. I’m assigning +@ASSIGNEE as the most relevant team member to assist with this pull request. If you already had a different team member in mind, please let us know. To @ASSIGNEE, feel free to delegate in case there is someone else more suitable.

For PRs assigned to you that have passed all commit checks (other than needing a squash), merge the PR to master on behalf of the author – unless it is labeled “status: do not merge”.