drake::examples::acrobot Namespace Reference


class  AcrobotCommandReceiver
 Receives the output of an LcmSubscriberSystem that subscribes to the acrobot input channel with LCM type lcmt_acrobot_u, and outputs the acrobot input as a BasicVector. More...
class  AcrobotCommandSender
 Receives the output of an acrobot controller, and outputs it as an LCM message with type lcm_acrobot_u. More...
class  AcrobotPlant
 The Acrobot - a canonical underactuated system as described in Chapter 3 of Underactuated Robotics. More...
class  AcrobotSpongController
 The Spong acrobot swing-up controller as described in: Spong, Mark W. More...
class  AcrobotStateReceiver
 Receives the output of an LcmSubsriberSystem that subsribes to the acrobot state channel with LCM type lcmt_acrobot_x, and outputs the acrobot states as an AcrobotState. More...
class  AcrobotStateSender
 Receives the output of an acrobot_plant, and outputs it as an LCM message with type lcm_acrobot_x. More...
class  AcrobotWEncoder
 Constructs the Acrobot with (only) encoder outputs. More...


typedef trajectories::PiecewisePolynomial< doublePiecewisePolynomialType


std::unique_ptr< systems::AffineSystem< double > > BalancingLQRController (const AcrobotPlant< double > &acrobot)
 Constructs the LQR controller for stabilizing the upright fixed point using default LQR cost matrices which have been tested for this system. More...


static const int kNumJoints = 2

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const int kNumJoints = 2