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shape_specification.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Provides the classes through which geometric shapes are introduced into SceneGraph.

This includes the specific classes which specify shapes as well as an interface for processing those specifications.

#include <functional>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include "drake/common/drake_assert.h"
#include "drake/common/drake_copyable.h"
#include "drake/common/eigen_types.h"
#include "drake/math/rigid_transform.h"
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struct  ShapeTag< ShapeType >
 Simple struct for instantiating the type-specific Shape functionality. More...
class  Shape
 The base interface for all shape specifications. More...
class  Sphere
 Definition of sphere. More...
class  Cylinder
 Definition of a cylinder. More...
class  Box
 Definition of a box. More...
class  Capsule
 Definition of a capsule. More...
class  Ellipsoid
 Definition of an ellipsoid. More...
class  HalfSpace
 Definition of a half space. More...
class  Mesh
 Definition of a general (possibly non-convex) triangular surface mesh. More...
class  Convex
 Definition of a convex surface mesh. More...
class  MeshcatCone
 Definition of a cone. More...
class  ShapeReifier
 The interface for converting shape descriptions to real shapes. More...
class  ShapeName
 Class that reports the name of the type of shape being reified (e.g., Sphere, Box, etc.) More...




double CalcVolume (const Shape &shape)
 Calculates the volume (in meters^3) for the Shape. More...